Tile Installation Designs Ideas

  • The patterns below can be used as guides for the ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile(s) you have purchased or have in mind to purchase for your new tile installation. 
  • The colors and textures of the tile you choose will enhance the tile patterns below. 
  • Using a variety of tiles with different colors and textures, can enhance or change up the tile patterns even more so. 
Basket Weave1 Basket Weave2 Basket Weave3 Basket Weave4 Brick Lay Tile1 Brick Lay Tile2 Collage1 Collage2 Collage3 Collage4 Collage5 Collage6 Collage7 Collage8 Collage9 CynderBlock1 CynderBlock2 CynderBlock3 CynderBlock4 Cynder Block & Brick1 Cynder Block & Brick2 Diamond Tile Lay Herringbone Pin Wheel 1 Pin Wheel 2 Pin Wheel 3 Rosettes 1 Rosettes 2 Rosettes 3 Staggered Boxes 1 Staggered Boxes 2 Staggered Mixed 1 Staggered Mixed 2 Staggered Mixed 3 Staggered Mixed 4 Staggered Steps 1 Staggered Steps 2 Staggered Steps 3 Staggered Steps 4 Stargarded Basket Weave Step Waves Stick Lay Straight Laid Tile Straight Laid Tile Alternate Subway Vertical Tiles